The Elements Virtual tour

The Elements

The Elements is one of Sinarmas Land’s flagship apartments located in Kuningan, Jakarta. This premium-class apartment utilizes top quality products to fill all the rooms in that apartment.

Costumers who wanted to be reach are not only citizens of Jakarta and the surrounding area, but also those who lived outside Jakarta. A limitation of time and distance makes it hard for the costumer to see the show unit. The common thing that has been done to advertise an apartment is to handing out flyers without being able to provide a real ambience of the apartment to the customer.

Together with 360indonesia, Sinarmas Land created the Virtual Tour of The Element’s apartment. With Virtual Tour we can see all the materials that exist in each room, starting from the living room, master bedroom, children’s bedroom, even the bathroom, in more detail.

Virtual Tour makes it easier for the sales and marketing to promote the apartment. By only using a mobile phone or tablet, customers can see and feel the atmosphere inside the unit without having to come and see the show unit.